February 12, 2016

Tuesday's Update (2/9/16)

Hello friends. An update on my mama. She's been sleeping through most of her days but we're confident that her pain is managed and she is as comfortable as possible. She has had a few sleepless nights, but most of the time she seems to be resting well. Some days she's able to make it down our stairs and watch a couple episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond" on our couch or go outside and get some sun. She isn't eating much food but is still managing to swallow 10+ supplements at once (this amazes us!) and drink water throughout the day. We have no way of knowing exactly what the next days/weeks bring but there are signs that her body is slowing down. Yesterday was my last day with the twins and although it was a hard choice, I have confidence its the right one. There is nothing I'd rather do now than be by my sweet mom's side as much as I can and I intend to do that. Please continue to pray for us. We ask God for strength, faith, peace, and comfort. 

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