November 27, 2013

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! 
I hope this Thanksgiving finds you in good spirits, surrounded by close family, good food, & with a grateful heart. I won't be eating a turkey with my family tomorrow since I'm spending my 2nd Thanksgiving away from home this year, but I'm glad that I get to spend it in an incredible city with a handsome guy. I think we'll be keeping the tradition of celebrating with a Taco Night, but I'll definitely be keeping the American tradition of over-eating alive and well too!

But regardless of where you are, who you're with, or what you're eating, it's important to take some time to remember to be thankful. Over the last few days I've been able to really focus on the blessings in my life & I wanted to share a few with y'all: 

  • Friends & family who make this crazy life enjoyable
  • The ability to travel, see the world & learn from each city I've been to
  • A creative mind that allows me to express myself through writing, painting & photography
  • My relationship with the creator of the universe & the constant comfort I've received through it

My wish for you this Thanksgiving is that you won't let the excitement of a meal with family or some time at home away from school/work let you forget about all the blessings you have received this year! Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2013

Texas Summers

Well I took a pretty big break from the blog after my travels ended in December but I'm finally back & I wanted to update y'all on some of my summer adventures! 


I spent the first part of the summer nannying (this is a story for a later time) and in July, Emil came to visit me in Texas. I'm so thankful that I got to spend some time with my TCU friends over the summer after my incredibly busy final semester.

Here are just a few of the things I was able to do & enjoy this summer in Fort Worth: 
  • Bike rides through Fort Worth, using the city's new bike sharing program.
  • I was incredibly blessed to spend my first Father's Day without my dad in a field of his favorite flowers.
  • Liza & I managed to get ourselves into the middle of a tornado in Oklahoma on our way to Missouri one weekend.
  • I celebrated 4th of July on a boat at Lewisville Lake.
  • I took lots and lots of pictures and spent most days doing shoots in the Texas heat or in front of the computer editing pictures.
  • Emil & I went to Six Flags over Texas as a warm up for Disneyland!
  •  Emil saw his first baseball game ever (yes, ever) & we managed to make it on dollar hotdog night!

And when all of my Texas summer adventures were over, we packed up and headed for Arizona.

November 20, 2013


Before I'm 25 I will:

1. get my own place & make it wonderful 
2. take my mom on vacation
3. go scubadiving 
4. support a missionary 
5. get a tattoo
6. learn to use photoshop 
7. go on a blind date
8. travel alone
9. invest in a good camera
10. take a dance class
11. backpack in a foreign country
12. go skinny dipping
13. run a half marathon
14. buy a brand new luggage set 
15. donate blood at least once twice a year
16. go skydiving 
17. watch the ball drop in times square
18. be a bridesmaid
19. host a dinner party
20. go to disneyworld (again)
21. take a picture a day for a whole year
22. volunteer 40 hours
23. go on a cruise
24. be in the audience of a tv show
25. start & finish a scrapbook of my travels

Okay... so I have a long way to go. I've only crossed 4 off my list in the past year, but hey I still have a few years! But lets focus on the accomplishments! 

1. Get my own place & make it wonderful: I got my own apartment my last semester at TCU & it was perfect. It was my safe haven after a long stressful day at work/class. First big girl home. Check.

6. Learn to use photoshop: I started taking lots of pictures during my last semester of college & managed to teach myself a lot about photoshop. I still have a long way to go but I'm WAY more confident that I thought I could be at such a complex program.

9. Invest in a good camera: My best friend let me borrow his camera for my 1st semester abroad but before I left for London, I bought my very own Canon!

12. Go skinny dipping: check.

Do you have a bucket list or a "25 by 25" list? What are some things you would add to your own list?

November 17, 2013

Final Semester at TCU

My last semester at TCU went by incredibly fast. I was enrolled in 20 hours, spent long days in class and at my internship, and worked harder than I've ever had to but it was all worth it when I got to walk across the stage & get my diploma.

{I moved into my own apartment with my precious pup & learned to be domestic & stuff}

{I did my 1st police ride along & I had an internship with a private investigator}

 {Emil came to Texas in February & I went to Denmark for Spring Break in March}

 {Emil & I celebrated 6 months & I was reunited with a sweet friend in Copenhagen}

 {I watched TCU beat Kansas & watched Pat Green in Oklahoma}

 {I went home for Easter & my mom flew to Texas for DG Mom's Weekend}

 {My dad lost an ongoing battle against heart disease just a week before I graduated college, but heaven gained an incredible man}

{With the support of family & incredible friends I finished my semester & graduated from TCU}

New Years Eve in London

After traveling for a couple weeks, Liza & I finally got to enjoy London. It was so so fun showing her around the city, having some friends come visit us, & experiencing New Years Eve in one of the most incredible cities in the world!

 {Christmas decorations in London}

 {NYE in London}

Where are you planning on spending this NYE? What's your idea of the perfect New Years celebration?

Ditched Tours, Churos, & the Eiffel Tower

A few days before Christmas, Liza & I bussed to Paris. Yes, I said bussed. Do I recommend it to anyone who appreciates their sanity? No. But we made it & enjoy a good laugh about the whole experience now that its over. After finally making it to Paris, we made it to our hostel and planned out the few days that we had in the city. 

On Christmas eve, we took a tour through the city but ended up ditching about half way through because we were just too excited to see the Eiffel Tower... oops. Several hundreds of pictures later, we were satisfied and took off to explore the rest of the city. Christmas day, we managed to find our way back to the Eiffel tower for another impromptu photo shoot & ended up eating our way through the Champs Elysees Christmas Market. Twice. The day after, we attempted to go on tour through Montmartre but after seeing Moulin Rouge and the apartment/studio of Picasso but ended up getting cold and searching for a bakery instead. 

Oh, did I mention we ate our way through Paris? Because that's exactly what we did.

Isn't my little sister/best friend the cutest thing around?

Castles, Bus Tours, and Winter Cider

After being sweetly reunited at the airport, Liza got to meet my new London family before we rushed off to Dublin, Ireland where we took a tour of the city, saw an incredible performance by Mumford & Sons, and took a bus tour through the more picturesque parts of Ireland.

We returned to London long enough to do some laundry and repack for a trip to Glasgow, Scotland where we explored the city, took a day trip through much of Scotland, checked out a "haunted" hotel, and saw Loch Ness! 

 {Mumford & Sons}

{Winter Cider & Scottish Countryside}