November 21, 2012

Canals, Coffeshops & The Red Light District

Amsterdam is definitely one of my favorite cities in the whole world. Its incredibly gorgeous, the people are wonderful, and although the weather wasn't perfect, Lauren & I had an AWESOME six days exploring the city. We spent most of the weekend walking through the streets and over the bridges (I had no idea Amsterdam was built on water like Venice!), shopping, and visiting some tourist attractions.

Lauren and I went on a tour through Amsterdam & learned a ton about its history. We took a couple walks through the Red Light District, which absolutely blew my mind & checked out a couple coffee shops. We took our time walking through the Anne Frank House as well as the flower market (the world's only floating flower market!) and on Sunday, we rented bikes and went for an awesome ride through the park. I'm so glad we had tons of time in the city and were able to relax and see it all! 

Coffeeshops of Amsterdam
There are over 270 coffeeshops in Amsterdam! Here are just a few.


Well, its official. I can legally order a beer in the United States! I am still in awe at how unbelievable incredible my friends are. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to share my 21st birthday celebrations with! 

 After having a snickers for breakfast, I stopped at Krispy Kreme for a donut & then headed to Slug & Lettuce for an awesome lunch & margarita with Emil. A seafood platter later, we headed to the London Aquarium (ironic, huh?) to see all the pretty fish!

For dinner, a group of us headed to LIFE for sushi & saki. Lauren & Kelly baked me a chocolate cake, everyone sang me happy birthday & we spent the rest of the night celebrating at the bar. 

I am so lucky to have such an awesome group of friends who took such great care of me on my big day!

Beer, Bikes & Sensation

In July, a few of us girls booked tickets for Sensation in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lauren and I headed to the airport when it was still dark outside Thursday morning, but it was completely worth it because we got to spend 4 whole days in the city. Lauren has family living in Copenhagen, so we had an awesome house to stay in for the weekend as well as a pretty great tour guide.  

We explored the pedestrian streets, did a little shopping, and ate a few pretty good meals. We spent some time in Christiania, an old army base, which has been transformed over the years into a small community, ruled independently from the rest of Denmark. Marijuana is sold on the street at small stands in the area and people are able to smoke openly without fear of cops entering and writing tickets. On Saturday, we went for a boat tour in the canals, saw the “famous mermaid” that’s pretty unimpressive, and went to Carlsberg brewery right outside the city center. 

Saturday night, we got dressed in white from head to toe & went to Sensation! It was an incredible experience and an awesome way to begin my birthday celebrations.

I left London for Copenhagen with no idea of what to expect, but I fell in love with the city & I definitely want to go back some day!

Tower of London & Afternoon Tea

A few weeks ago, our professor from TCU came to visit us in London. We spent the weekend eating out, drinking tea & visiting the Tower of London. 

Although I didn’t find all the history behind the Tower of London super fascinating, I really getting to see the castle, taking pictures & seeing the crown jewels.

On Sunday, we went to Richoux for afternoon tea & delicious finger foods. The weekend was an awesome opportunity to catch up with all of the TCU girls and hear about everyone's time in London.